The following are links to the Great blogs and websites of those that see America in there Big Rig. . Each and everyone of these bloggers we have reviewed EVERY post they put out and chronicled ALL of there posts into the Big RIG Map. This has taken countless wonderful hours reading and then adding them to the map. We then follow them and as they add new information those get added as well.

If you have suggestions of other ones we should consider please let us know here!

Big Rig Travelers - Wheeling it

Wheelingit – Nina and Paul and Cats and Dog have been traveling the U.S. in their Big Rig 40 foot Holiday Rambler for over 5 years. They have been nice enough to generated probably the best blog out there for Full-Timers. Many of the reviews of RV parks in the map point to the awesome reviews they have provided. Please check out their site!

Big Rig Travelers RV A GO Go

RV-A-GOGO – Dr. Betsy Dresser and Nancy Walters are on the road in their beautiful  45′ Entegra Anthem Coach. They tell great stories on the road and do a great job creating great reviews of parks capable of handing the big rigs.  We have linked the map with all of there great reviews so when you are in the area you can learn from Betsy and Nancy. Betsy and Nancy, thanks for all you do, we enjoy following your travels!

Big Rig Travelers - RVWanderlust

RVWanderlust – Eric and Brittany Highland sold it all and have it the road in their Big Rig 40′ Tiffin Phaeton. They are great writes and awesome people to follow. I do wish they would write more RV reviews (because when the do they do such a great job :)). They travel blogs are tracked here as well….

Big Rig Traveler's - The Restless Young

The Restless Youngs  – Greg and Cori started Full-Timing back in 2015 in their beautiful Big Rig 45′ Country Coach Allure (We are huge fans of Country Coach). There stories are immeasurably funny and interesting. They always seems to find the cool spots across the U.S. and you will love reading about what they have found. All of there stopping spots are kept up to date on the map. Thanks Greg and Cori for sharing!

Big Rig Travelers - Outside our Bubblge

Outside our Bubble –  David and Brenda have hit the road full-time in their  big rig 45′ Tiffin Allegro Bus and have been nice enough to share there amazing information with everyone. You will find on the map several great reviews with amazing Drone Fly overs done by David!. Please check out there Blog. TONS and TONS of great technology and coach information for while you are on the road…

Big Rig Travelers Quantum Discovery

Quantum Discovery – Rob and Linda have been sharing there Time in their  2013 42′ Entegra! and there 35′ 1985 power boat. They have had some wonderful experiences and have stored some great Park Reviews and great info on different locations across the U.S. All of there logs are updated on the map so you can learn from there experiences! – Thanks Rob and Linda!

Land Yacht Liberty  – Dan and Lisa are full-timers crossing the country in their 2014 Heartland Cyclone 4100 King.  She is a 43′ toyhauler fifth wheel (5’er) that has a ‘garage’ in the aft for hauling our Harley Davidson motorcycles.The have two crewmates,Krissie and Kandi, their two Maine Coon cats. They have been nice enough to create some great campground reviews, Location area info and identified some great restaurants as well. All of these are updated on the map and will be updated as the add more. Thanks Dan and Lisa!

RVLucky or What - Big Rig

RVLuckyorWhat – Mitch and Val have been sharing there Full-Time Roadshow since they first bought their 45′ 2014 Thor Tuscany “The Love Shack” and hit the road. There crisscrossing the country has taken them to some very interesting spots and there blog share not only the cool places to stay but captures the essence of the fun of it all. Very fun to read. All of the blog entries are now captured on the map and will be added to as they share more of there adventure!


CoMike and the Duchess

CoMike and the Duchess – Mike and Connie have been fulltiming in their 40+ Foot Big RIg Newmar Duchstar motorhome since April of 2015. They do a great job sharing there experiences and find cool places to go across America. There campground and attraction reviews are very details with great pics. All of there Blog posts have now been added to the Big Rig map and as they post more we will continue to add them.


The Rovers

Our “Rovin” Journey – The Rovers started there Full-Time adventure in February of 2015 in their 45 foot 2015 Monaco. Covering much of America over the last 2 years, they have been nice enough to share a great blog about their adventures. Beside providing information about parks they have stayed at the have also identified some great restaurants and activities as well. All of there Blog posts have now been added to the Big Rig map and as they post more we will continue to add them.


Bear Tracks

Bear Tracks – Linda and Mike moved into “The Bear”, a 40′ Monaco Cayman, with their dog Lucy in August 2012. They spend 3+ years cruising America and sharing there wonderful journeys on their blog. It is fun, informative and exciting to read. You feel like you are there with them. All of there Blog posts have now been added to the Big Rig map and there are A LOT of them. So this wealth of knowledge is now available for all of us to follow as we travel the U.S!



Wine Coasters –  Donald and Gail have been cruising America in their 40+ foot Tiffin Phaeton and have created a wonderful blog sharing all the great places they have stayed as well as documented a bunch of cool places we hope to get to go see someday. We have now reviewed all there entries back through 2014 and updated all there entries on the map. We will continue to add them as they keep us updated about there travels!


RVentures with Doug and Chris – Doug and Chris sold it all and hit the road back in 2014 in their A Class Diesel Pusher aptly named “The Wildebeest.” They are avid bicyclist and found some of the best state, county and national parks with great hiking and biking trails across the country. Had a great time reviewing there blogs and now have got all of there info tagged in the map. We will continue to add as they update their blog so we can find those great stories as we travel to those areas. Thanks Doug and Chris for taking the time to share such great blog posts!


RVSooners – Bruce and Kathy have been traveling the US off and on since 2007 and have created a great blog sharing all the cool places they have been. I love the tag line “Some parks we work camp, some we pay, some for a month, some for a day – come visit our blog and see how we play!” They initially started in a large fifth wheel but later upgraded to a 40′ Tuscany. We have reviewed there blog entries and now have added them to the map! Please check out there Blog for some great reading…

Florida Georgia Campers

Florida Georgia Campers  – Karen and sold the houses back in 2011 and started their Full-time adventure in the 41′ Monoco Windsor Diesel Pusher motorhome. They are very avid bloggers and have kept an extensive record of there travels with 1000+ entries! Got the wonderful opportunity to review there blog and back through 2014 have now added all relevant entries on to the Big Rig Map. Karen and Al – spend a good amount of time in the Keys, Tampa Florida and North Georgia Mountains. A wealth of great data on those areas! Thanks for everything you do Karen and AL!

Traveling with Kids

Traveling Kids – Follow the Martin family as the full-time across the U.S. The Martin Family consists of two kids, two Parents and two cats! They are traveling in a 1998 Foretravel U320 42 footer!. They share a great blog that is insightful and interesting. All of there site reviews, attraction reviews and restaurant reviews have now been added to the map and we will continue to do so as they add new content! Thanks Martin Family for taking the time to share!

Flying the Koop

Flying The Koop – Mike and Donna Kooper have been full-timing since mid 2013. They are very avid bloggers and have shared 700+ blog posts as they travel across the country! In January 2014 they upgraded to a 40′ Alpine Coach (A very well built coach). As they tour they tow a trailer behind the coach so large spaces are a must. All of there posts have now been added to the map so as you travel you can go read there posts! Thanks Mike and Donna for sharing and look forward to meeting you on the road at some point!

Wandering Webbers

The Wandering Webbers – Carl and Gayle Webber are just starting there Full-Time Journey and have been blogging about the process of retiring and prepping for the trip. They just shared an awesome blog about Washington DC and are doing a great job of sharing how there experiences so far. It is nice to start the journey with them through there Blog. They are cruising in a beautiful 2012 43′ Newmar Dutchstar named “Pegasus” and towing a Dodge Ram!. We have catalogued there blog entries on to the map so far and will continue to do so as there journey continues. Thanks Carl and Gayle for sharing and look forward to meeting you on the road!

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