About twice a year we take the motorhome over to Huntsville, Al to compete in a local agility Dog competition. We always enjoy going over to Huntsville. It is a cute little town with a lot of great things to do. From the Amazing Air and Space Museum, to some cool parks and awesome restaurants. This is a fun little town to visit.

We wanted to capture all of these great things to do. Last time we were there we checked in on RVillage, and  Bob n Anne Marie noticed we were in town. Bob n Anne Marie are locals in Huntsville  and they follow our blog. They were so nice to share info about all the cool things to do in Huntsville. We wanted to capture the info they shared with us as well as places we like as well. This review covers that information in case you ever get a chance to visit Huntsville!


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Things to Do in Huntsville, AL

US Space and Air Museum

The US Air and Space Museum is a destination in itself!. Probably one of the most interesting museums we have ever been to. If you are a fan of NASA this is not a 1 day adventure. We EASILY could spend 3 days here seeing and checking out all the cool stuff to do here. We HIGHLY recommend the museums and tours. Worth going out of your way to check it out

US Space and Air Museum

We have not been to the Huntsville Art Museum but it is on our list of places to go next time we are in Town. Bob n Anne Marie tell us that it is a must see when you are in town

Big Springs Park

Big Springs Park is a beautiful park in downtown Hunstville highly recommended by Bob n’ Anne Marie local Huntsvilleiites



Harrison Brothers Hardware

Recommended by Locals Bob N Anne Marie, Harrison Brothers Hardware is the oldest Hardware store in Alabama, Operating here since the 1800’s. Part museum part store definitely worth a look.


Gibsons BBQ

Recommended by Locals Bob N Anne Marie, Gibson’s BBQ is a staple in Huntsville serving BBQ since 1956

Ding How 2

Recommended by Locals Bob N Anne Marie, Ding How 2 is a great inexpensive Chinese Restaurant.  offers the only Dum Sum in the state of AL – it is very good and is served from 11:00AM-1:00PM Saturday and Sunday only (Pro tip, get there at 10:45AM or you will be standing in line for up to 30 min!)

Cotton Row

Recommended by Locals Bob N Anne Marie, The Cotton Row is a great Elegant Restaurant right on courthouse row.

Poboy Factory

The Poboy Factory is a nice little dive Cajun and seafood restaurant in New Orlean’s. No need to dress up for this one. We love there different Po boy’s as well as there seafood gumbo

We would love to hear from you if you have other suggestions for cool thing to see, places to eat or places to stay in Huntsville. Let us know in the comments below and we will keep this updated!

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