One product we have had on our list to consider purchasing is the Hughes Autoformer PowerBooster. The Purpose of the Autoformer Power booster is for situations that where you get to a park that has low power it can boost the power by up to 10% giving you clean power and connection at cruddy parks. We have not gone one yet because we have not run into this much but we have friends who have and this product and it does a great job solving this issue.

Hughes made an announcement today of a new solution that combines there Powerbooster with online Surge protection. This makes A LOT of sense. We have always been a fan of progressive Surge protectors – see article written about it here. But the concept of combining surge protection with a lower power booster is quite intriguing. We will be considering this as a next purchase. You can find the new product here

Let us know your thoughts. Have you used a Hughes Power Booster in the past?

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