Wandering WebbersWe met Carl and Gayle on one of the Big Rig Forums last night and learned about there Full-Time Plans. Checked out there blog and they looked like a great new couple to follow. They have been creating very interesting and detailed blogs and have a  beautiful Big Rig. There posts have now been added to the map and we will continue to add them as they share with us there Journey!

The Wandering Webbers – Carl and Gayle Webber are just starting there Full-Time Journey and have been blogging about the process of retiring and prepping for the trip. They just shared an awesome blog about Washington DC and are doing a great job of sharing¬† there experiences so far. It is nice to start the journey with them through there blog. They are cruising in a beautiful 2012 43′ Newmar Dutchstar named “Pegasus” and towing a Dodge Ram!. We have catalogued there blog entries on to the map so far and will continue to do so as there journey continues. Thanks Carl and Gayle for sharing and look forward to meeting you on the road!

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