About the Project

Tie upWe have lived and/or played on Lake Lanier for 20+ years. From the purchase of our first set of Jet skis, to ski boats, Pontoon Boats, House boats and finally getting a place on Lake Lanier.  This is what we consider home. After all this time we felt we knew everything about the area and could answer questions for anyone thinking about considering visiting. We realized,  that we had not really spent much time at any of the campgrounds and wanted to explore them in much more detail.

Hence the creation of  “The Lake Lanier Big Rig Project.” Over the past 3 months we have visited every campground on Lake Lanier. This post documents all of the campgrounds on the lake that support Big Rigs. This fun project took us several months and hundreds of miles of driving to each campground to document each of the parks with pics, video and information about which campgrounds and which spots are good enough for a large motorhome or fifth wheel.

And of Course all of these reviews as well as thousands more are on the Big Rig Map

For each Park we did the following

  • Got permission from the Park Rangers to review the park
  • Provide verified detail on each park.
  • Took Pictures of all the sites that can handle a Big Rig and added it to the review
  • Flew a drone over sites where allowed and added a aerial shot to the review.

All of this information is now combined together into one single place that documents all of the campgrounds capable of handling Big Rigs on Lake Lanier.


About Lake Lanier

Lake Lanier IslandsLake Lanier is the closest large lake to Atlanta, Georgia. Approximately 30 minutes away. Lake Lanier was created in 1956 with the building of Buford Dam and is managed by the Army Corps of Engineers.  Lake Lanier has over 38,000 acres of Water and 672 miles of shoreline.

The lake has over 90 parks being managed by  the Army Corps, State county and City organization. Of those 90 parks there are 12 parks that allowing camping on the lake.

Of the 12 parks that allowing camping 9 of them can handle big rigs with varying levels of success

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RV Park Reviews

The Campgrounds


Of the 12 campgrounds at Lake Lanier 9 of them can handle Big Rigs in some form or fashion. As we visited each park we looked at each campsite to determine

  • Are the campsites long enough to support 40+ RV’s
  • Are the level enough to support a Big Rig
  • Are the roads to the point of the camp site as well as out of the site able to handle a big rig
  • Are the trees tall enough to support a Rig that is over 13 feet.

Based on those choices we have identified the following campground with spaces that support Big Rigs. We have also taken pics of every spot and you can find those in the park reviews with links below.

Bald Ridge Creek

Bolding Mill

Blue Ridge

Don Carter

Duckett Mill

Old Federal Park

River Forks

Shady Grove

Shoal Creek

Toto Creek

War Hill

As we look at ranking the campgrounds, we tried to take into consideration the following issues:

  • How well does the park handle larger rigs?
  • Are there great lake views/access from most of the campsite?
  • How clean is the park?
  • What is there to do in the park?
  • What is there to do around the park?

Based on these criteria we came out with our rank of the best campgrounds on the lake. Each one below links to the detailed review of each campground with Pics of all the Big Rig Campsites.

Bald Ridge Creek

1.Bald Ridge Creek Campground – it is arguably the nicest park on Lake Lanier. A very high percentage of the spots are capable of handling big rigs. Nice and level and very long and most of them right on the water. This is a highly sought after park because of the great sites, nice beaches and closeness to Cumming, Ga which provides a multitude of restaurants and other things to do in the area. We highly recommend this to our friends when they are in the area.

Old Federal Campground

2. Old Federal Campground – Old Federal Campground is one of the nicest spots on Lake Lanier and a tough second choice to Baldridge creek (it really is a toss up). Located on the west side of lake Lanier near Flowery Branch, Georgia. Big Expansive campsites right on the water.There are 84 campsites, 54 of them have Electric and we have identified 41 that are great for Big Rigs. We highly recommend this part and definitely would stay here. Great, Great Campground

Duckett Mill

3. Duckett Mill Campground – is a beautiful RV Park on the majestic North shores of Lake Lanier. Huge open spaces and camp sites. Most of the Big Rig capable located right on the shores of the lake. A little remote but next to a nice large town Gainesville, Ga

Shady Grove Campground

4. Shady Grove Campground – is a very nice park located in the southern part of the lake. Highly covered with trees and a little tight, this one pushes it for Big Rigs. There are sports that you can fit and they are documented in the review. This is a campground for campers. It wins higher marks that others because it is centrally located in providing you access to other things to do outside of the park.

Bolding Mill Campground

5. Bolding Mill Campground – Overall a very nice park. Very clean and most of the sites are right on the water. This is a nice simple campground located about 8 miles south of Gainesville. This barely ranks lower than Shady Grove because it is a little remote. Still a great alternative to Duckett Mill and one we would stay at.

Sawnee Campground

6. Sawnee Campground – It is one of the prettiest campgrounds on Lake Lanier and is centrally located in between Cumming and Flowery Branch, Georgia. About 1/2 of the sites are big rig capable. It gets ranked lower because some of the roads are tighter and I believe they do not have 50 amp power everywhere.

River Forks Campground

7. River Forks Campground – is a small campground on Lake Lanier near Gainesville, Ga. A quaint little county park that is heavily shaded with trees. Unfortunately it must be an older park because most of the sites are not usable for big rigs. We would probably go to this park if one of the spots were available.

Don Carter State Park

8. Don Carter State Park – is one of the northernmost and newest parks on Lake Lanier. Opened in 2013, This is a very clean and nicely done park. With large paved roads and very nice camping sites. This is a state owned park that is a quandry. Overall facilities are very nice, but most if not all of the sites we saw did not have even a water view (Which is unusual considering it is on the lake.) If you are looking for a quiet nice park this may be the place for you. Personally I do not think we would go here. We may be missing something

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