Every year it is always interesting to see the new features announced by the luxury Coach Builders. The 2017 Newmar King Aire is definitely one of the top production built motorcoaches made on the market today. If we ever decided to buy a new coach, Newmar would be one that we would consider (as well as American Coach and Entegra).

The video below takes you through all of the features or you can check out the list here:

  1. Great New Stairs – Automatic triple stairs that are hydraulic. They also have sensors on them that if hit or two low will come back in automagically.
  2. Pressure Washer – Optional built in to the coach – Nice
  3. Tall Storage Bays – Since this is built on a K3 they height of the storage bays is immense
  4. 200 Gallon Fuel Tank – That is 75 more than the American Coach series
  5. 16 Gel Cell Batteries – That is a HUGE amount of batteries for the Inverter system (8 more than American Coach)
  6. 20,000 lb Towing Hitch – Much bigger than other coaches
  7. Auxiliary Air Hose system built in. – Most coaches you buy a Airforce one aftermarket – This is Built in
  8. Auxiliary Camera Hook up system – If you are carrying a trailer or have a external camera on your toad it will integrate automagically into the camera system on the coach – (Cool)
  9. New Super Hi Def moveable rear camera – This is the same camera my friend’s Foretravel has, amazing camera
  10. 360 God View – They have placed cameras around the coach and they stich them together to create a god like view showing you everything that is going on around the coach as though you are flying above it. Great add on…
  11. Turbo Sanicon System – Pump outs twice as fast
  12. Moved to the Silverleaf Digial Dash – This is nice – same as what is on the foretravel, but not as nice as the Mercedes Digital Dash on the American Coach
  13. Onguard Collision Mitigation System – Coach has radar around it and will stop the coach if a accident is going to happen
  14. Charging Pad – A pad that wirelessly charges your phone when you set it down right on the dash
  15. Cabinet Lights – LED Lights in all cabinets that turn on when a cabinet is opened-
  16. Motion Sensor Lights – If turned on when you walk through the coach the lights will turn on automagically
  17. Flush Cook Top – They mounted the induction cook top down inside the granite so you have a flat counter top. ALso you can take the induction unit out and use it outside (Cool)
  18. Self closing drawers and cabinets – Nice feature both Newmar and American Coach have
  19. Fresca Shower System – Full body shower system

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