Entegra put out a video on there all new 2017 Entegra Cornerstone the flagship of the Entegra Family of coaches. There are some really great features that are exciting to see. This will of course drive more innovation and competition and is what we like to see.

A summary of the new features include:

  • Low Beam LED Headlights –
  • New Adjustable High Res Rear Camera – This may not sound like much but the Foretravel has this and it is an Amazing camera
  • Additional Pulsing LED 3rd long Breaklight
  • Passive steer Back Axle – This will make the coach turn much tighter (Similar to what American Coach and NewMar have)
  • Def fill on both the left and Right of the coach.
  • Movement to L16 batteries (This means you have 4 big batteries instead of 8 AGM’s)
  • Outside TV Not only Pans left and right, now pans Up and Down
  • Intelligent Blind Spot Monitoring system – Tell you if someone is on your left or right
  • Storage in the stairs
  • Air cooled and Heated Passenger and Driver seats
  • A bunch more charging station locations on the coach
  • LED Lit cup holders
  • AC Vents are now not only in the middle but also above the pasenger and driver cooling you better as you go down the road.
  • Magnetic Return vent air covers making them easy to take down and put up
  • Intelligent Collision Mitigation System
    • Collision Warning System
    • Adaptive Cruise control – system will slow down and speed up based on who is in front of you
    • Active braking – if someone stops in front of you – will apply the brakes and the engine brake retarder
    • Electronic Stability control – will slow the coach down if the coach gets out of control or unlevel
  • Intelligent Beta Touch Control Center – Similar to Silverleaf but looks better
    • Includes IPAD and IPhone control
  • Auto bed lift to get underneath
  • Automatic Motion sensing lights in the wardrobe area

Here is the video if you would like to see the new stuff


What do you think?

Looks like Entegra has raised the bar!

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