Tie upWe have lived and/or played on Lake Lanier for 20+ years. From the purchase of our first set of Jet skis, to ski boats, Pontoon Boats, House boats and finally moving on the lake. This is what we consider home. After all this time we felt we knew everything about the lake and could answer questions for anyone thinking about checking out the lake. We realized, after questions from friends, that we had not really spent much time at any of the campgrounds on the lake.

Hence the creation of  “The Lake Lanier Big Rig Project.” What we will be doing in the following posts is documenting all of the campgrounds on the lake that support Big Rigs. This fun project is taking us 120+ miles around the lake with camera to verify each of the parks and document which campgrounds and which spots can take in a large Motorhome or Fifth wheel.

Update: This project is now done and available here

About Lake Lanier

Lake Lanier Islands

Lake Lanier is the closest large lake to Atlanta, Georgia. Approximately 30 minutes away. Lake Lanier was created in 1956 with the building of Buford Dam and is managed by the Army Corps of Engineers.  Lake Lanier has over 38,000 acres of Water and 672 miles of shoreline.

The lake has over 90 parks being managed by  the Army Corps, State county and City organization. Of those 90 parks there are 12 parks that allowing camping on the lake.

Of the 12 parks that allowing camping 9 of them can handle big rigs with varying levels of success.

Lake Lanier - Old FederalWe have started traveling around to each of these parks and documenting which sites allow big rigs, support big rigs and taking pictures of the sites that we believe can handle motorhome/fifth wheels over 40 feet.

Our initial finding is even when a Campground reservation site says it has the space for a 40+ footer many of the sites are not ones we would want to bring our coach into. They are not level, to tight, to tough of turns to get into. These next 9 reviews will document what we learned and then we will create one last post that summarizes all of the results for Lake Lanier.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for the project!

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