Agility - WNC Agriculture CenterFor the last 5 days we have spent the week hanging out in the Fletcher North Carolina. Fletched is about 10 miles outside of Asheville providing some interesting things to do in Fletcher but also a quick jump over to the eclectic Asheville.

The reason for our trip was a Agility Trial with our Dogs. Some of you know that we have 3 Border Collies and that both Lynnea and I really enjoy competing with our kids.  If you have not been around Agility, Agility is a dog sport in which a handler directs a dog through an obstacle course in a race for both time and accuracy. Dogs run off leash with no food or toys as incentives, and the handler can touch neither dog nor obstacles Consequently, the Agility - WNC Agriculture Centerhandler’s controls are limited to voice, movement, and various body signals, requiring exceptional training of the animal and coordination of the handler.

It is a pretty big sport with competitions going all across the U.S, Europe and the rest of the world for that matter.


With the big trial we ended up staying at Western North Carolina Agriculture Center for 3 days and then left and spent 2 days at Rutledge Lake RV Resort. At a high level these are places Big Rigs that can  definitely get in but they are no 5 star resorts.

While in Fletcher we went to some pretty cool places and found some great restaurants and breweries. There was MUCH MORE to do and we wish we had 1 more week there which we easily could have kept busy.

BiltmoreDo to the limited time we wanted to but did not get an opportunity to go to the Biltmore, which is arguably the biggest thing to do when you go anywhere near Asheville. All of our friends who have been before highly recommended it. But we felt we would need at least 1 day (and preferably more ) to make it worth it, If you would like to read some good reviews check out comike and Duchess and also beartrack blog.


The following is a list of places we enjoyed and would recommend you consider checking out when you are in the area.

Cool Places to Go

North Carolina Arboretum

North Carolina Arboretum is a beautiful park located about 7 miles from Fletcher. for $12 per car you get access to the entire park. The park consists of different gardens, hiking trails and beautiful views. we personally loved the Japanese Bonsai tree exhibit. A great place to bring your dogs to hike the trails.

Sierra Nevada Brewery – Is located directly in Fletcher right beside the Asheville Regional Airport. An amazing place, both the tour, the restaurant and the amazing grounds that are just cool to go hang out. We ended up coming here 3 times and bringing the dogs and hanging out on the back patio. Live Music, games to play and of course amazing fresh beer. Will cover the restaurant in the lower section.

Restaurants and Breweries

Blackberry Mountain Cafe

Blackberry Mountain Cafe –  Breakfast is not something we normally put a lot of importance on. But once in a blue moon we hanker for something special. Lynnea did a little research and found this gem on Yelp. This is a great little Breakfast place that has that hanging out in a cool Mountain retreat. Service was great and the food was excellent. We shared Eggs Benedict and blackberry crapes. Prices were also quite reasonable.

Blackberry Mountain Cafe

Tupelo Honey Cafe –  The Power of “Yelp” – we are believer’s… 🙂  Our goal on the road is to find great restaurants that don’t break the bank. This one really fit the bill. Think of a Chili’s or applebees with really good food and great service… Lynnea had a original version of shrimp of grits that were wonderful. I had a Fried Chicken breast club sandwich with the best fried okra I have ever had ( and I love fried okra). This is not the best restaurant we have ever been to but we would definitely go back to try other entrees again. We also took home 1/2 the entrees and had them for lunch the next day (and both finished)

Moes bbq

Moes Original BBQ–  To be clear – we rarely eat BBQ. This is not a dig on BBQ. In fact we love BBQ. It is just our expectations are quite high. See, my buddies and I have a Professional BBQ team that has done pretty well – Plum Superior BBQ. So we rarely stop for BBQ. I had heard Moe’s was pretty good. (but not good enough to stop). But we were starving and fate took us here. I had there smoked turkey sandwich and Lynnea had the Shrimp sandwich. Seriously they were both amazing. Neither of us went for the Pork BBQ – but we loved what we had…

Moes bbq

Sierra Nevada Brewery–  We talked about this place earlier. We seriously went there 3 times. In my discussions Sierra Nevada spent over 140 million dollars building out this self sustaining eco plant/restaurant/cool place to hang out. . So when I say this is worth check out – it is seriously one of a kind. The back deck is sooo cool…. Bring the puppies. One day we went in and went to the restaurant and took the self tour. I felt like we were at Disney on the beer tour – seriously that cool. The food was REALLY good matched with the freshest of beers. Go here check it out – do not miss it.

Thirsty Monk

Thirsty Monk–  Since this area is really the mecca for beer lovers we decided to do a small Pub crawl and check some of them out. In reality if you go up to Asheville, there are like 22 Breweries there alone. We decided to check out ones close to Fletcher. Thirsty Monk is a cool little neighborhood bar with there own brewery. They make some outstanding beers and the bartenders were awesome. It is also located in a very nice outdoor mall area that is great for walking around

Thirsty Monk

Open Brewery – The last place we made it prior to running out of “beer Steam” was Open Brewery. A cool little eclectic brewery that makes some very innovative beers. There facilities are also used to make beer for Thirsty Monks an others. Great place for a quick drop by

So that’s it for Fletcher, NC. There were so many other places we would have liked to visit including at least 20+ other restaurants and breweries, Kayaking and tubing down the French Broad River and Black Mountain NC, which we have been to before and loved. Till the next time….

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