On May 7th -May 14 we went to Ocean Lakes Family Campground in Myrtle Beach, SC for the 2016 American Coach National Rally. 

Ocean Lakes Family Campground is a vast campground with 850+ sites right on 310 Acres right on the beach. If you do not like large campgrounds with tons of campers around you – then this is not for you. But we loved it. A awesome water park, mini golf course, grocery stores and even a restaurant on site. You are even allowed to take your dogs on the beach in the morning before 10am and after 5pm. Extremely Professionally run, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay here. The only negative we saw was it was a Little tight getting the Big Rig In but nothing that was not doable (We have 200+ American Coaches there).

Ocean Lakes Family Campground
6001 S Kings Hwy,
Myrtle Beach, SC 29575

Rate – The rates are different depending the time you are there but for us it was $46-51 a night

Ocean Lakes Family Campgroun

They did not allow us to Fly the Drone over the Park but I found someone else who did it prior to us a year before

Site quality = 3.5/5

Ocean Lakes Big Rig Site - HH26Ocean Lakes is a very large campground so the Quality of your campground spot will very greatly with where you end up getting a reservation. We were in HH26 which for us was a great spot due to the closeness of all the things going on at the Rally and being less than 50 feet from the beach.

The spaces are not tight but not spacious either (We have had larger spaces). We got GREAT Power and water but the water tasted pretty bad. The park deals with this buy providing filtered water spots you can get across the park (Nice).

All roads in the park are paved and most of the spots are paved (but not all of them). Make sure you review the campground map when you are choosing a spot because you could be 10 feet from the beach or as much as 1000 yards. The Park has over 900 golf carts for rent so this is an option as well.

Facilities = 4/5

Photo May 08, 9 24 29 AMThis massive campground is of course all about the wonderful 1000+ yards of beach that the campground is located directly on. But beside the beach there are plenty of other nice things to do as well.

  • Large Waterpark with a lazy river and several huge waterslides (Part of this is opening May 30th, 2016)
  • Fun little Mini Golf Course
  • Planned Events
  • Recreation Rooms (Game rooms with tons of commercial Video Games (For the kids)
  • Bicycle Rental
  • Golf Cart Rental
  • Several Lakes on property and you can fish on them
  • And much more



Location = 4/5

Ocean LakesWe really liked the location of the Park. It is technically in Myrtle Beach but not really in the Built up part of the city. With plenty to do close to the park, The true touristy part of Myrtle beach is about 9 miles away

Pet friendliness = 4/5

Photo May 08, 9 24 31 AMOcean Lakes would get a 5/5 due to the fact that you can take the dogs on the beach part of the time every day but I cut them back 1 point due to there not being a single dog Park. We were able to take all 3 of our dogs on long walks every days and felt that the staff were very, very dog friendly.

Overall rating = 4.0

BONUS ALERT = Great large Destination Park right on Myrtle Beach with a Water Park

Ocean LakesThis is a mega RV Park. Some will like it, some will not. We were there for the American Coach National Rally and had a great time. If you are looking for Privacy – this is not your place. We loved having a ton of things to do and enjoyed being able to take our dogs walking on the beach. We will definitely be back someday

Bonus Information

The following are some of the interesting places we visited and restaurants we liked that we visited while we were there

The Pickled Cucumber
Pickled cucumberThe name of this place definitely did not seem very appealing when we found it. But we saw 30+ 5 star reviews on Yelp so we decided to go try it and boy am I glad that we did. Located about 3 miles from Ocean Lakes, we went with a part of 6 and several of our friends also went here later and everyone agreed the food was AWESOME.

This is a southern Comfort food restaurant with very fair prices. Some of the notable items that people really loved

  • Chicken n Dumplings – 3 people had and all loved
  • Country Fried Chicken was really good
  • Fried Okra – Some of the best I have ever had
  • Tuna Melt – Wife LOVED it

Wish we would have had time to go back again – We will definitely go there next time we are in town.

Southside Grill

Ocean Lakes - Southland Grill Fried MushroomsSouthland grillWe went to Southside Grill for Dinner one night with a bunch of friends. Surfside is located less than 1 mile from Ocean Lakes. Several other groups of friends also went there that night as well. The food was excellent, in fact I would say top notch. The is a small hole in the wall restaurant and I think they were overwhelmed with the amount of people who came in so service was mediocre at best. But on the other hand the Family owned restaurant’s owners were awesome people to meet. I would suggest going to this early and or on a off day. There Bake Potato’s are a family recipe and were the best I have ever had as well as some wonderful Fried Mushrooms  We would go back again for sure.

Big Apples Bagel’s
Ocean Lake - Big Apples BagelsWe met some true New Yorker’s at a Deli down the road and we were looking for Breakfast – They told us about Big Apple Bagel’s Located about 2 miles from the Ocean Lakes, these were really, really good Bagels. I got a Bacon Egg and Cheese on Toasted Egg Bagel and Lynnea got a Toasted Sesame with Lox, Cream Cheese and Capers. We both loved them so much we went back several mornings we were there.

The Original Benjamin’s Calabash Restaurant
Ocean Lakes - Original Calabash Family RestaurantAs part of the American Coach Rally – we went to The Original Benjamin’s Calabash Restaurant. This is quite an experience.

We normally don’t go to buffet’s because we never can’t eat enough to get the value of it. This was a heck of a welcome indulgence. Literally there was no a single type of seafood you could not get here. From Alaskan King crabs to Sammon to shrimp fix 20 different ways this is a mega buffet on a grand scale. There are a lot of buffets in Myrtle Beach but this one is pretty famous and large. Located a good 25 minutes away from Ocean Lakes, if you want some seafood and want to do it large, we would recommend this place


Legends in Concert
Ocean Lakes - Legends in concertAlso has part of the American Coach Rally we all (300+ people) went to the Legend in concert for a matinee (2pm) show. The 6 of us were highly skeptical about how good this would be and even planned a safe word that was cryptic for time to go. In Reality, it was a great way to spend an afternoon and the Artists were great. The music was fun and many of them were just like the Original Singers. We saw Taylor Swift, Barry White, The Blues Brothers, Elvis and George Strait. Not something we would normally do – but glad we had a chance to go

Other things to do

There is so much to do in this area, I wanted to mention a couple of noteworthy items that you might want to check out when you come down to Myrtle Beach

  • Golf – This area is the Golf Mecca with hundreds and hundreds of Great Golf courses
  • Mini Golf – Seriously, we counted 15+ mega plus amazing Mini Golf courses on the way back from the Legends
  • The Broadway at the Beach –  This open air Mall has a ton of cool touristy things to do
  • Muriels Inlet, SC is about 7 miles away and has some awesome restaurants and Bars.
  • Lakewood Campground – If you can’t get into Ocean Lakes – this is next door and another mega RV park. We took a tour and would try this one as well
  • Myrtle Beach State Park – We went and walked the dogs at this State Park. very nice park. To tight for our big rig but enjoyed visiting it.

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