We were taking the coach down to Myrtle Beach to Ocean Lakes Campground for the American Coach National Rally. (More posts to follow about this later). On our way down we decided to make a 2 day stop at Lake Greenwood Motorcoach Resort. A friend of mine in the American coach group had mentioned that this was a really beautiful Resort and boy was he right.

Lake Greenwood Motorcoach Resort one of the nicest looking parks we have ever stayed at. Large lots with expansive water views, Unbelievably manicured lawns and greenery throughout the park. Unfortunately there is not a lot to do in the area but we made due with our 2 days there. We highly recommend this park if you want somewhere really nice and just need some downtime.

Lake Greenwood Motorcoach Resort
463 Cane Creek Camp Rd
Cross Hill, SC 29332
(864) 992-4700

Rate – We paid approximately $69 for spot #81 the best spot in the park and it was WELL worth it.


Lake Greenwood Motorcoach Resort

Shot a Drone Flyover of the Park 

Site quality = 5/5

Lake Greenwood Motorcoach Resort - Site review

All I can say is “WOW”, this has got to be in the top two nicest sites we have ever stated it. HUGE Amount of space with an amazing view.

We were in space #81 which has to be one of the nicest spaces but I am sure the other ones on the water would be great as well. (Actually all the park is nice – did not see a bad spot) You just have to determine if you want to pay for the view.

Our spot not only had an amazing view but as you can see in the pic, it included a large grassy area the dogs could run around in and was secluded from our neighbors even though they were 20 feet away.

Facilities = 5/5

Lake Greenwood Motorcoach Resort - Pool

Everything at the park is literally immaculate. This is a A Class only Motorcoach Resort. And a many of the units are used by the owners. The pool/Jacuzzi is clean and very nice. It includes very nice patio furniture, a jacuzzi, High end grilling equipment and a very very nice clubhouse.

The park also includes two high end docks for you to put your boats at.

Not much going it but if you can entertain yourself this is as good as it gets.



Location = 3/5

Unfortunately, this park is out in the middle of nowhere. It is a good 9 miles to the grocery store and probably 20 miles to Greenwood which has a little more active nightlife and restaurants. We mention several we went to below but in general I am afraid if we had been here longer than 2 days we would have been challenged to keep us entertained.

Pet friendliness = 4/5


Lake Greenwood Motorcoach Resort - PetsMost everyone we met at the park had dogs and we really enjoyed walking them around the property. With the large space we had we could pretty much let them run off leash (Not allowed). We also swam them in the lake and everyone else at the place had dogs as well. The only negative – no specific Dog Park

Overall rating = 4.0

BONUS ALERT = Immaculate Big Rig Motorcoach Resort way out in the country!

This park is really really nice. Everything thing about this park we loved. The only thing that holds us back from giving it a perfect 5 is that there is not much to do here.  Other than that, this is Probably one of the nicest parks we have stayed at so far.

Bonus Information

As mentioned above the resort is really a long way from pretty much everything. We did make a run over to Greenwood, SC and explored a couple of places. The following are two that were noteworthy.

Miss Anne’s Fried Chicken

Miss Anne’s Fried Chicken is a staple in Greenwood, SC. famous for there Fried Chicken. This is definitely a serious local dive, but they have great Chicken, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy and Fried Okra. I tried the Livers and Gizzards as well but would pass on this next time

Miss Annes Fried Chicken Miss Annes Fried Chicken








96 National Historic Site

96 National Historic Site is one of the locations were a turning point battle happened in the revolutionary war. The park itself is a little sparse but overall quite interesting. They allow you to bring your dogs and there are some nice walking trails. We learned a lot about what life was like and how this battle was a turning point in the ware. Something fun to do for about 4 hours

Photo May 06, 12 04 54 PM Photo May 06, 12 30 47 PM Photo May 06, 12 30 49 PM Photo May 06, 11 07 14 AM Photo May 06, 11 10 30 AM Photo May 06, 11 10 39 AM

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