Photo Feb 05, 12 30 00 PMWe have spent the last month at Sun n Fun Rv Resort in Sarasota, FL (Review to come soon) and decided to take a 2 day jaunt down to see the Everglades with our friends. Everglades Isle RV Resort is a high end 5 star Luxury Motorcoach resort and one of the nicest resorts we have stayed at so far. Exclusively developed for A Class Motorhomes, this is a beautiful resort right on the water in downton Everglade City, FL. Expensive but very nice.

This place is very, very expensive but as of this writing there is a 3 days special on there website for $199

Site quality = 5/5

All of the sites at the resort are very, very nice. Nice big spots withPhoto Feb 05, 12 29 27 PM beautiful landscaping. Every spot is designed for 45′ motorhomes with beautiful solid stone brick pavers done of the roads and EVERY spot. Many of the spots are right on the water as well.  One comment one person made to us that those are not necessarily the better spots because you have to listen to the boats come in and out early in the morning. But they are nice spots and also look right over the boat docks.

There is a not a negative thing to say about these spots. Great Power, water and sewer as well.


Facilities = 5/5

This is a 5 star Luxury Motorcoach resort so all the the Facilities are designedPhoto Feb 05, 12 25 09 PM to support the clientele.

  • A beautiful large clubhouse with a nice bar and very fairly priced drinks.
  • Nice (but small) Pool with Jacuzzi
  • 7/24 gated access to the RV Resort
  • Marina right on the water to keep a boat
  • Walking distance to downtown Everglades
  • Nice Screened in Gazebos right on the water.
  • Trash Pickup every day at your spot.
  • Impeccable Landscaping
  • Really good Wifi!

Location = 4/5

Everglades Isle RV resort is all about your visit to the Everglades. Everglades City is very small and very sleepy town with not a lot of people living here. 99 percent of the things to do evolve around checking out the Everglades:

  • Air Boat rides
  • Fishing
  • Hiking the Everglades
  • Eating Seafood

Not a ton to do in the town but for Naturalists this is really cool. Lots of things to see

Pet friendliness = 3/5

The resort has a Dog park (Very small) and limits you to 2 dogs per coach. But really everyone at the resort had dogs and their were no issues (We had 2 dogs and a puppy with us)



Overall rating = 4.5
BONUS ALERT = High End Luxurius Motorcoach resort right in the Everglades!

Extra Info:

A couple of other tidbits about the resort and surrounding area…

  • This is the everglades so do expect Mosquitoes. The resort professionally sprays often but there is only so much they can do. Our friends got pretty bitten up
  • We have heard (but not verified) that the spots on the water can be loud early in the morning as the shrimp boats go out around 4am. We never heard them
  • The bar at the resort was not only nice but very, very cheap.
  • The town is very small and not a lot to do – so you have to experience the Everglades to make this fun.
  • Everyone including the staff and resort guests were super nice. Had a Key west feel to the place.

We went ate out at several restaurants but the one one that was worth noPhoto Feb 05, 1 50 00 PMting was Triad Seafood. Service was a little slow but the food was good and it was right on the water. I would recommend this for lunch.

As to buying seafood, one of the delicacies is Stone crab claws. We were given the name of a guy named “Mark” 239-272-8712, but other RVer’s and also the staff at the resort. He will deliver to your coach 5 lbs cooked of Stone Crabs for $50.00 (a great deal).You might check with him on other seafood. I have heard he has good deals on shrimp as well.

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Site quality = 3.5/5


Facilities = 5/5


Amenities = 3/5


Location = 5/5

Pet friendliness = 5/5


Overall rating = 4.3
BONUS ALERT = Camp only 20 mins from downtown Santa Fe!


Extra Info:

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