Phantom Vision Pro 3Several people have asked us about the videos that we include in the park reviews. We have been flying drones since there initiation inception and have purchased the latest from DJI the Phantom Vision Pro 3

The drone market has been growing and growing over the past several years and the technology is increasing leaps and bounds. We have had an opportunity to try the competitors but nothing compares to what this thing can do in the prosumer market.


A little bit about this Drone and it’s Capability

  • Unbelievably easy to fly
  • 4K UHD Camera
  • Shoots 13 mp Still images
  • 3 axis gimble perfectly stabilizing the camera.
  • Can Fly indoors and outdoors
  • Pilot sees what the camera sees in real-time
  • and a ton more.

These drones are really about Shooting video and images from above. The flight experience has been simplified to a point that it does what it is supposed whether there is wind or not. Any questions about the Drone let me know.

We will keep a ongoing list of the Drone videos here on the site. Or you can access our Youtube channel as well here.


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