Our 5 day stay at Fort wilderness brought a lot of very positive and Photo Jan 20, 7 36 48 AMvery negative opinions about the park. We have had so many friends tell us how awesome this place was and while we were here we met so many people who were staying for months at a time (Very pricey) and have been back over and over. To be fair we both got sick a couple of days and we had decided we were not interested into going to the parks and the temp was on the cold side. So our opinions may have been slanted. Will try to be fair and impartial as we review the park 🙂

Site quality = 2/5

The lack of quality of our site at Disney (Spot 620) was a big surprise to us. Photo Jan 20, 7 36 48 AMYes they had a cool tree like thing that hid the electric and yes they had a sink in the ground protecting the black water but they Grill was all rusted out and grounds were lightly kept. Also it was very, very tight. Not only once we got in but the roads were very narrow and left zero room to back into the space. Not big rig friendly at all. Keep in mind we paid for a Premium spot (the most expensive) and it was probably 60 feet long, just not a lot of room to back into and not very wide at all. I saw other sites that were probably easier to get in. We had asked for a spot that would allow our satellite to work and that may have been the issue as to why we ended up in such a tight spot

Compared to most parks we have stayed at it is very nice, but when you consider you are paying 90 bucks + a nite, it did not live up to it s measure…

Photo Jan 20, 7 36 31 AMPhoto Jan 20, 7 36 51 AM

Facilities = 5/5


Amenities = 4/5

Disney is famous for all of the cools things to do here and as long as you have the bank roll to support it – it is awesome 🙂

At Fort Wilderness there are a lot of amenities:

  • Miles and Miles of walking trailsPhoto Jan 21, 3 35 52 PM
  • It is so big you likely will want to take buses every and/or rent/bring a golf cart
  • Nice swimming pool (no jacuzzi) – when I checked it it was not heated
  • Tennis courts
  • Nice Laundry rooms $3-$4 a load
  • Very nice bathrooms/showers
  • Horse rides $$
  • Camp Fire sing a long – Free
  • A couple very, very expensive mediocre restaurants
  • Great large Dog RunPhoto Jan 21, 3 38 39 PM
  • Archery
  • Boats to Magic Kingdom and other places
  • and more


Location = 2/5

For most people this would have been a 5 out of 5. If you are wanting to go the parks (at $80+ per person per day) then this is a awesome place to be and the location is literally perfect. For us we did not want to go to the parks. What we quickly realized was we were within 20-25 minutes to any restaurants or anything outside of Disney. So we were limited by what was available in the park. We do not mind paying for a high end meal as long as it is a high end meal 🙂 Instead what we got what 35-50 lunches with 70-125 Dinners that were “Okay”

Pet friendliness = 5/5

We along with most of the other campers we saw at the park had Dogs. I have been told that there are sections of the park that do not allow dogs – but after walking around, we saw dogs everywhere pretty much. The trails are great for taking walks and the dog run/park is very nice. There are definitely parts of the park that do not allow Dogs


Overall rating = 3.0/5
BONUS ALERT = If you are going to Disney – Awesome, othewise – So, So..


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