We travel with a Bevy of animals and they all mean the world to us.

  • Dakota is is our oldest half Border/Half Golden Retriever
  • Mya is our super fast Border Collie
  • Liberty (aka “Libbie”) is our new 11 week old red female border collie
  • Indy is our little black cat that we have had for over 12 years

One of the concerns that we have is when we are out checking these out in a different location is the safety for the animals. What if the power was to go out and it was to get to hot. The bus has all kind of backup mechanisms including a autostart generator so if the power went out – we are usually okay. But these are our kids.

As a final backup measure we came across this cool Motorola Wifi camera that has some important features that many of the other ones do not.

  • Report on the Temperature in the room and send you notifications  Motorola Camerawhen it is above or below the temperature that you set
  • When motion is sent send you notification and record it
  • Two way microphone – Not important but cool to call in and be able to listen
  • Mobile app
  • Infrared Night vision

Plus it only costs $70 bucks

Great product and easy to use – We highly recommend it

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