If you spend time out on the Motorhome Forums there is always someone asking questions about Towing. What do you tow? What brand tow bar do you use? What supplemental braking system do you use? Are you happy with it? Are there better options?

These are our answers to those questions


We have had 3 motorhomes so far and all of them we have towed a car of some sort with each of them.


Over the past several years we have learned a lot about what we like and don’t like in towing.

Here are some of those lessons learned:

  • The Blue Ox BRK2012 Patriot Brake which is probably actually a BrakeBuddy Vantage Select Brake System
    works fine. But both are really pains in the but when you are using them over and over. We are 1000 percent happy with our Air Force one Tow Brake System and have never met a single person who has one who is not as well
  • The Air Force one Tow Brake System – once installed is as simple as plugging in an air hose between the bus and the car. Takes 5 seconds. – No Brainer
  • Our Opinion is that the Blue Ox is the best tow bar in the industry (I believe it is the leader)
  • Blue Ox has several different tow bars out there for different size vehicles
    • The difference in costs is so minor we prefer to buy the heavy one giving us more confidence that it will not break away
    • Blue Ox‘ latest bar the Blue Ox BX7420 Class IV Avail is a great upgrade from the Avente
      • Allows your car to make a tigher turning radius
      • Has a non binding latch which is nice. The Avente would catch sometime.

Our Recommendation

Opinions? Let us know your thoughts!

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