My wife and I have not been full-timers for long. We started out traveling Kent - smallon the weekends to Dog Competitions, BBQ Festivals and just to check out cool things around the U.S.

We quickly learned in our travels that it was difficult to determine what campgrounds we liked and also which ones we would fit in.

We also realized that once we were on the road it was difficult remember that cool place we read about and/or a friend told us about. We wanted to be able to find all the cool places to go, the great things to eat, the awesome festivals we would like to attend, etc. etc.

We started discussing the possibility of going more full-time on the road. I realized if we were going to maximize the experience we needed some way to start organizing information in a clearer way so we could plan a destination but then find everything as we were going down the road. Hence the creation of

The first step was research on parks

We started doing research to find the bloggers that provided great Park Reviews andBBQSm Location reviews and then adding their content to the map. The requirement was that the Blogger had to be traveling in a 40+ motorhome and/or RV and write great reviews with detailed pics and information.  (Keep in mind this actually helps them because it allows you to find there links to their reviews improving their traffic). This process will be ongoing and the info will become larger and larger. Let me know here if you are aware of any great bloggers with 40+ foot coaches, would love to add them . (There are 262 RV Parks on the map as of 10/11/15)

The second step was to add all the cool stuff to do


For festivals, we started off by identifying all the great ones we have known that we would like to go to. We perused the web, talked to friends and started documenting on the map all of these festivals including the dates on approximately when they will be going on in 2016 (Keep in mind some do not have dates yet). Then as we documented all of the bloggers travel logs and info we found more. This will also continue to grow. (There are 54 Festivals on the map as of 10/11/15)


Attractions we did the same thing, identifying everything we thought we would like to do by perusing the web, talking to friends  and then later adding cool attractions we learned about as we added the information from the great bloggers(There are 97 Attractions on the map as of 10/11/15)

Factory Tours

A friend of ours who was on the road mentioned to me that he was up in Wisconsin and been on a great factory tour at the Harley Davidson plant. That brought on the idea of starting to capture all the cool factory tours across the U.S. as well. (There are 356 Factory Tours on the map as of 10/11/15)

The Third step was to add in all the great places to eat 


We started off by adding in all the great restaurants we had heard about. This could not be


just any restaurants they had to have something uniquely special about them. We added what we knew, then talked with friends, then added the Yelp Top 100, etc, etc. We also watched several shows on the Food channel and anytime we saw something cool we added that as well. Of course as we went through the blogs to document the RV Parks we found a lot more there as well (There are 195 Restaurants on the map as of 10/11/15)

Diners, Drive-in’s and Dives

One of our favorite TV shows is Diners, Drive-ins and Dive’s. Guy Fieri has been on the air for a long time traveling across North America finding the most interesting and special restaurants that are worth checking out. We started the arduous process of identifying all of them and getting them on the map as well (There are 512 Restaurants that have been on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on the map as of 10/11/15)

That make total restaurants on the map (Both ones we have identified and DDD’s) of 707 as of 10/11/15

The fourth step was to identify all things RV related

RV Service Centers

We were not interested in listing every RV service center in the U.S. Only the ones that either we have used and or others have recommended for support of the big 40+ Diesel Pushers. So all locations we have either personally had services or a friend has or one of the bloggers said great things about them. Let us know if you have recommendations (There are 27 RV Service centers on the map as of 10/11/15)

RV Shows

We enjoy going to RV shows. It is always cool to see what they new things are that are coming out. We perused the web and identified all the ones we could find. They are in there with approximate dates for 2016 (Since some of the dates are not confirmed). (There are 48 RV Shows on the map as of 10/11/15)

RV Rallies

We are members of FMCA and also the American Coach association. We have identified the big rallies for FMCA and all the rallies for the American Coach Association for 2016. We will be glad to add in other associations if you have recommendations. Let me know here (There are 6 RV Rallies on the map as of 10/11/15)

Other stuff

A friend of mine suggested we add in Auto Auctions. So we added the big ones to the maps with dates (There are 6 Auto Auctions on the map as of 10/11/15)

Dog Shows

My wife and I compete our two dog’s in Agility. We have added this to the map as well but it is filtered out from the public view because I did not think it was relevant for most people. If you would like access to it let me know and I will send you a link

So that is the story….

The map as of 10/11/15 has a little bit over 1800+ points on it and it will continue to grow. What is important that we only put good information. If you see a problem with some info we have out there please let us know here.  If you have suggestions for additions to the map please let us know here

We are just getting started on this so expect the content to grow and get better and better. We wish all of you well on your travels!!

Keith and Lynnea

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