If you travel in your coach for any time at all you are likely to run into0049157_progressive-industries-ems-hw50c_300 power issues at some point. Whether that be bad power, to much power or to little power at some point you will find a campground or park that could bring severe damage to your coach.

Due to us competing Dog and our BBQ events we probably get put into more hazardous positions than the average RV’er.

Over our travels we have seen

  1. 8 coaches fried by bad wiring at a Exposition center. This caused on average $10 – 20k in damage to each coach
  2. 1 BBQ Cooking rig completely fried due to a misdesigned wiring sequence.
  3. Multiple surge protectors fried
  4. Incorrect calibration of Surge protection systems making the devices thing they are receiving to much voltage not allowing the coach to get power.

From all of these experiences we have started to take a more proactive approach IMG_1091_PT50Cto power protection.

Our 2012 American Eagle comes with a Surge guard 40250 (Now being replaced with the Surge guard 40350)

  • This series of Surge protection units come with your coach and are built in.
  • They are more than Surge protection, they are also your Auto transfer switch
    • A auto transfer auto switches your power between Shore Power, your Generator and your Batteries
    • The positive of this is a more integrated system that works seamlessly with the rest of the coach
    • The negative of this is if your system gets fried there is a decent chance the entire box will be fried and your coach can be completely dead in the water.
    • Another negative of a built in model if it has a problem you can’t take it out like a model that is put on the cord.
      • Ours had a calibration problem and we had to replace the whole unit
    • Lastly, this thing is expensive – Like $900 or so.

To protect against this we have started Doubling up on surge protection. One on the line and then the one we have built into the coach. If the one in the line gets hit with a surge or other issue it will likely blow up and shut down before getting to the internal Surge Guard.

On the 3 coaches we have had over the years, we have done extensive research on Surge protection.Surgeprotection In discussions with Friends, Electrical Engineers and forums. There is without a doubt a hands down leader in Surge Protection – Progressive Industries.

The Unit that we use and recommend is Progressive Industries EMSPT50C Surge Protector.
This is the inline Unit.

If you prefer to wire it in your coach (and we did on our 05 Phaeton) – this is the model you would want. Progressive Industries HW50C 50 Amp Hardwired Electrical Management System with Remote Display

Click on the following website to see a detailed comparison of all the players providing units. Well worth a read




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