The process of creating all of the information on the map has been daunting but rewarding at the same time. The first goal of the map was to come up RV Park reviews done by Bloggers we trust that have Motorhomes and/or RV’s that are over 40 feet. The goal was as we travel we wanted to be able to find great parks and have clarity on what it was going to be like to get in there. This information will grow but I think we have had a great start

We have added a lot of other categories since then

  • Restaurants
  • Activities
  • Festivals
  • Factory Tours
  • etc. etc.

One area we decided to go back and add was a listing of Area Reviews. An Area review is when a blogger is in a specific town and they tell about what they did and all the cool things to do in the area. We are just getting started but we added 33 of those last night.

Please let us know of any other good bloggers to follow (must be 40+ feet) and or Parks, restaurants, activities you would like to see get added here! – Thanks

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