I know, I know a post about an Egg Cooker seems like a weird topic but oneof the purposes of this blog was for us to be able to share with our friends all of the neat things we like to take with us.

Lynnea and I both like eggs. Whether hard boiled, soft boiled and even poached. Friends of our (The Kellums :)) told us about the West Bend Automatic Egg Cooker

The West Bend Automatic Egg Cooker allows you to take up to 7 eggs and create

  • Hard Boiled EggsWest Bend Egg Cooker soft
  • Soft Boiled Eggs
  • Poached Eggs

Perfectly every time.

I know, I know – you can do that with a pot and boiling water. We have tried that over the years and this is much easier and faster.

The steps you to do use the device

  1. Plug it in
  2. Put the eggs in the West Bend Automatic Egg Cooker
  3. Take the provided cup and put a small hole in the eggs (only if soft are hard boiled)
    1. They provide a puncher that comes with it that is both a puncher and measuring device for the water. Works really well and takes less than 1 sec per eggWest bend Egg cooker hard
  4. If Poaching, ignore step  3 – just crack the eggs into one of the 4 holding spots
  5. Pour water into the container (The measuring device shows you how much water to use depends on how many eggs your are cooking
  6. Put the top back on the West Bend Automatic Egg Cooker
  7. Turn it on
  8. Aprox 8-11 minutes later an alarm goes off and you are done

We have used this over and over and the eggs come out great every time

Really great device for less than 20 bucks!!

Let us know what you think of it!


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