Earlier this week, Lynnea and I decided to Nashville mapuse the map to plan a trip we have coming up to Nashville. As part of that prep we wanted to use it in the way it was designed, Show us the great places to stay and then all the cool things to do.

  1. Find places to stay – Check!
    1. 3 nice campgrounds big rig capable with great reviews
  2. Things to do – Check!
    1. 2 Factory tours
    2. 1 Detailed Location Review with even more to do in Nashville
  3. A bunch of great Restaurants
    1. Both ones seen on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and other reviews made by other people.

As we looked at those reviews we started noticing that where the Diner Drive-ins and Dives spots were accurate, the data provided with each location was really not very helpful.

The data for the locations for Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives came from a spreadsheet we found on the web that a follower of the show had created and was a little dated.  It turned out to not have the most important items we wanted for each location. (Probably should have reviewed in more detail before we added it) The data that we wanted included:

  • The website of the location
  • A link to the Diner’s Drive-in and Dive site so we could review a summary of the show
  • A link to the video of the Diner’s, Drive-in and Dive episode (If it is available on the net).

The one thing we do not want in the map is bad data. The goal of the map is to make everyone’s travel experiences better, not a hassle because you have to go look for it.

So we decided to bite the bullet and review all 500+ locations and update all the data for all spots. We probably underestimated what this would take. but 20+ hours of work and many late, late nights it is now all done.

When we started there were 728 restaurants on the map and 509 of those were DDD’s

After reviewing and updating the DDD’s there are now 687  restaurants and 468 that are DDD’s. Essentially 41 of the DDD’s had went out of business over the 10 years or so the show has been on TV. What was interesting was to see why, some were mismanaged, some were family disputes and some were simply people who retired and did not pass the business on to someone else.

Understanding the new data 

GF Legend
As we did the research on each location we organized the data in the following manner

  1. The “Website of Location” -Will normally have the website of the restaurant or if not available a link to Yelp or other review site about the restaurants
  2. The “2nd Website of the Location” will normally have a link to the DDD’ website with the summary review.
  3. The “3rd Website of the location” will have a link to the video of the DDD show if available. If the DDD video was not available we tried to add links to other review videos
    1. About 90 percent of the DDD reviews now have videos linked to them now

Bonus: The Numbers in the Info section

In in the info session you will normally see a number like in the one above “1009”. This means Season 10 Episode 9.

Also if a video was not available and you have either Netflix or Amazon Prime most or all of the sessions are also available there for free.

We hope this improves all of our travel experiences and we will be continually updating the information as we go.

Please let us know any suggestions you have for new information for the map here or if you have your own travel log data you would like us to post feel free to reach out and we will be glad to post.



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