Over the past several days we have been furiously been adding to the map. With 100+ new

  • RV Park Reviews (With links back the bloggers that have provided them)
  • Restaurant reviews (With links back to the bloggers sites)
  • Location Area reviews (again with links back to the blogger sites)

The map continues to grow!.

This week we went back to some of the blogs we had captures all of the Park reviews and captured new Restaurant Reviews as well as some great  Locations and activities.

These are now in the map and they were  added from




Approaching over 1900+ points our goal is to be the consummate place where you can go to find trusted RV parks, restaurants area reviews, activities to do festival listings, etc, etc to make traveling more fun and interesting learning from each other.

Do you have a suggestion of a blogger we should follow? Let us know in the comments or contact us

Please let me know. The requirement is that the travel in a rig that is 40′ (Motorhome or 5th wheel)

Got great restaurants or other activities we should add let us know here

Do you want to share some RV park reviews but don’t want to create your own blog?  Contact me and we can discuss privately through email but will be glad to add to our posting to share.

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